最近,拜读了Ripple团队发布的关于公司愿景及产品战略的系列文章,对Ripple的了解更进一步。作为当前数字货币(XRP)资产价值排在第三位(在BTC、ETH之后)的公司,其成立至今不过短短数年,随着去年底XRP的一波大涨,其联合创始人Chris Larsen更是一度跃居全球富豪榜第五位。创业是一个过程,Ripple仍然在创业的路上,本文籍希望品读其战略的同时能够为在区块链领域的创业者、从业者带来新的启示。

Ripple愿景:A Vision of Value

Vision:enable the world to move value like information moves today.


The Internet of Value is about modernizing financial infrastructure using blockchain technologies and digital assets so that sending money from point A to point B is as fast, easy, transparent, reliable and inexpensive as it is to send a communication from point A to point B.

We decided early on that Ripple’s insertion point in enabling the Internet of Value would be in removing friction from cross-border payments.


According to McKinsey’s Global Payments report, today the world sends more than $150 trillion across borders. Point being, cross-border payments is a very large and expanding space.


It was probably expensive, slow and a mystery as to when your payment would be delivered. Maybe your institution even lost the payment — that happens surprisingly often.

each hand off of the payment from one institution to the next creates risk of delay, failure, miscommunication and cost.


The largest banks in the world sit in the middle of the relay and provide foreign exchange services.smaller financial institutions — banks and payment providers — wind up paying these big banks a premium for their services.


Ripple战略:Partner and Rebuild

Ripple的战略并不是如今创业者动不动就说的要彻底改变世界(change the world),而是采用与金融机构合作重塑业务模式的方式。尽管如此,依旧有很多挑战。

There are challenges to partnering with financial institutions and rebuilding global payments infrastructure compliantly — it takes time. To solve a problem as big and complex and impactful as the one we’re solving, doing it the right way is worth the time investment!


1. Speed and certainty:xCurrent
2. Liquidity management:xRapid
3. Connection standardization:xVia


We only sign customers who are serious about using xCurrent commercially. We don’t waste our time on proofs of concept or science experiments at innovation labs.

If we can provide a service through xRapid that allows them to offer better services at a better price that attract more customers, and help them grow shareholder value, we believe they’ll do it!

we’re pleased we’ve defined a real world problem it solves; it solves it well; and we’ve validated those facts with customers.

It’s important to remember the Internet didn’t change the world in a year or even five years. It took time. It took partnership between Internet businesses, incumbents and governments.