Hey! My name is Yuan.

AquaGemini.com was built to help people get started with understanding the blockchain technology. Throughout the past few years, blockchain was evolving rapidly. So many people are curious about what it is and how their business could benefit from it.

As an early learner, I was asked many questions about blockchain, Bitcoin and Ethereum. So I setup this blog to share some basic blockchain knowledge with my friends and colleagues. Part of my blog content were to translate high quality English articles into Chinese.

Currently, I am engaged in the work of corporate blockchain strategy, being employed by a large state-owned enterprise. I have been focusing on blockchain and cryptocurrency research since 2015, and have extensive experience in enterprise customized training and blockchain strategic planning.

My blockchain training courses usually cover these topics:  blockchain fundamentals, cryptography fundamentals, principles of Bitcoin / Ethereum, smart contracts and decentralized applications fundamentals, decentralized trust, blockchain incentive mechanism, ecology and governance, cryptocurrency and blockchain policies, blockchain security issues, etc.